Forward your spam

Although the process to forward an email may vary between the different providers, it is a quick and easy option to lodge a complaint.  The following steps can be followed if you have never done this before, it's just like replying to an email.

1.) Open the email you received.

2.) Identify an option in that email to "forward" the message, this is usually found in the same place as the "reply" option for an email. 

This may be represented as a button at the top of the email or this may be located within a drop-down menu, often found in the top right hand corner of an email.

3.) Once located, left mouse click the "forward" option.  This will create a new email, with the email you wish to complain about contained in the new message.

4.) Ensure that the address in the "To" field is and to include any details relevant to an investigation in the body of your new email. For instance this may include whether you previously contacted the sender of the email, or if you have unsubscribed from receiving such emails in the past.

5.) Click send once you are happy with your complaint.

6.) You will then receive an automated response email from the Department with further information about the Electronic Messaging Compliance Unit and our work.  If you cannot locate this email, please check your spam folder.


Note - Where possible, please forward your email complaint as an attachment as this will provide the best information to the Department.  If you are unsure how to do this, please follow the standard instructions above which will still allow for a complaint to be lodged.

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